Where Can I Get Foreign Students For Online Tutoring?

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If you are a teacher looking to connect with students outside your city or area, TakeLessons is the place to go. This online platform helps teachers find and manage students, payments, and other account information. The TakeLessons community is significant, and it has been connecting teachers and students since 2006. TakeLessons offers online tutoring in academic subjects, live music lessons, languages, and sports coaching.

You can set your hourly rate and set your schedule. You can charge what you’re worth, and you can make your online tutoring schedule as flexible as you’d like. The platform also allows you to showcase your teaching methods, like sharing a video introduction of yourself. A video introduction is helpful, as students want to hear about a tutor’s personality.

You can easily book a lesson with an online tutor from any country. TakeLessons offers video chat features that can enhance the study. You can use a video chat app if you don’t have a webcam. Alternatively, you can contact the teacher and schedule a lesson.

Tutors should take the time to get to know their students before they start tutoring. This will help them establish good study habits. Students who see meaningful improvement will be more likely to continue with their tutor.


Wyzant is a freelance marketplace that connects international students and American tutors. To become a Wyzant tutor, you must submit a resume and cover letter and pass a proficiency test. The test consists of eight to twenty multiple choice questions you can pass or fail in one attempt. You can only apply if you live in the U.S.; the application process can take a day.

With over 65,000 tutors, Wyzant offers online tutoring for various subjects. Tutors can use an interactive whiteboard, video chat, and an online learning tool to give students the assistance they need. The platform also includes resources that empower students. In addition, to live sessions, Wyzant offers one-on-one lessons with qualified tutors. Tutors are required to complete a background check and possess excellent interpersonal skills.

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Once accepted, students can pay the tutors using a pay-per-hour or subscription-based model. Tutors can earn anywhere from $30 to $60 per hour. In addition, Wyzant retains a portion of its income. In addition, the company also offers a referral program where students can find tutors and pay them for their services.

The program requires that tutors be 18 years old and live in the U.S. with a valid Social Security number. Tutors can teach students in any subject from pre-K to college. They do not need prior teaching experience, although the background helps.

Club Z

If you’re living in the U.S. or Canada and looking for a part-time, online tutoring job, Club Z offers you a unique opportunity. This online tutoring business matches prospective students with tutors compatible with their personalities and learning style. The business’s founders believe that when students are treated as a whole, their self-esteem will flourish.

The company is headquartered in Tampa, Florida, and has over 450 locations nationwide. It offers both online and in-home tutoring. Tutoring sessions can take place anywhere from the student’s home to a club’s tutoring room. Students range in age from pre-K to adult. Over 50% are in elementary school.

Club Z offers a variety of tutoring services for children of all ages. They offer in-home tutoring, online tutoring, and test preparation programs. Their tutors are experienced and educated, and available around the clock. Tutors can be matched with students based on academic weaknesses and scheduling preferences.

Students may work with an instructor certified by the College Board as an English teacher. They can get individualized tutoring through Club Z! Tutors can work with students with specific learning styles. Depending on the tutoring style, a tutor can help a student get ahead. When choosing a tutor, the student’s personalities and learning styles will be considered.

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Creating courses and selling them through Udemy is a great way to make money from your online tutoring services. You can start by filling out your profile and adding some basic credentials. You can also upload a profile photo and specify your tutoring preferences. Many tutoring sites require proof of education, and your profile must be reviewed.

However, Udemy is not without its flaws. While you earn a percentage of the course price, the margins on Udemy are low. They only pay their affiliates 12.5% of the cost and eat up most of the remaining revenue. In addition, you must also consider that Udemy encourages instructors to sell low-quality courses. Cheap systems are less likely to be refunded and are easier to sell.

You can also hire a professional teacher for the job. You must understand the subject matter well if you want to work with international students. For example, if you are teaching a math course, you should make sure you have a background in teaching. Certification is necessary because it builds trust with your students.

Udemy courses are widely available and inexpensive. Udemy has over 600 free courses on a variety of topics. These courses can help you develop yourself or make a career change. Sometimes, these courses can even qualify you for a job promotion or a better pay grade. Some courses are accredited and will give you a certificate of completion.


If you are an ex-pat living abroad and want to earn money online, one of the best ways to do it is by becoming an online tutor. You can join a tutoring service such as PrepNow Tutoring, which pays its tutors well above the minimum wage.

PrepNow aims to provide high school students with the skills needed to take standardized exams. Tutors will work with a pre-designed curriculum to help students succeed in these exams. PrepNow is an excellent option for tutors because they can work with the same students weekly and not worry about changing tutors.

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To become a tutor on PrepNow, you need to apply online. Once you use it, you should expect to hear from a recruiter in a few days. While waiting for a response, you should revise your resume and CV. In addition, you may have to answer some additional questions from the recruiter. After that, you can start your side gig.

Tutors should be flexible and have excellent communication skills. It’s important to understand that tutoring is all about helping students advance. While there are several requirements for tutoring, PrepNow emphasizes communication skills and a flexible approach to teaching. The student’s progress will be tracked, and the tutors will have the opportunity to adjust their lesson plans based on their progress.


DaDa is a company that recruits international students to teach online English courses. Teachers are paid hourly and can earn $14 to $24 per hour. The average annual salary is $37,800. Teachers who perform well are eligible for raises. Applicants must be willing to spend at least 10 hours a week teaching online.

The contract period is six to twelve months. The pay scale varies depending on the teacher’s experience. If a teacher is unhappy with the pay, they can renegotiate it. However, teachers must know that the company will deduct money from their income if they cancel too many classes.

The company offers both online tutoring and classroom teaching. The company offers flexible schedules, and the teacher can choose the most convenient time. Teachers are required to sign a contract to teach online. Their hours depend on availability, but teachers usually prefer teaching at least fifteen hours a week. In addition, teachers sign up for specific shifts and can choose which days of the week work best for them.

DaDa has two platforms that connect international students with Chinese students. The platform has more than 500,000 Chinese students and 10,000 teachers. The company has other platforms like QKid and Magic Ears that connect teachers with Chinese students. DaDa also partnered with the TESOL Institute to provide on-demand English lessons for Chinese students. Students range from four to 16 years old.

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