Where Can I Find Language Tutoring Online?

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There are many resources available on the internet for language tutoring. You can try sites like Justlearn and Lingoda. These are websites that allow you to connect with a real teacher. You can also use QKids. These sites can help your child’s language skills, even if you are a beginner.


Justlearn is an online platform that connects you with a native speaker of a foreign language. This service works across desktops, mobile phones, and tablets. It also offers one-on-one tutoring. Users can choose from four, eight, or 16 lessons per month.

Justlearn uses a rigorous screening process to ensure that teachers are qualified. This helps to ensure that the quality of the learning experience is high. Tutors are recruited from all over the world and are verified by the Justlearn team. Teachers focus on delivering the best lessons to students based on their preferences and needs. The service offers affordable rates and a flexible schedule that fits everyone’s budget.

Once a tutor is approved, they will be contacted by email and can begin teaching. The tuition fee is $12 to $39 per hour. The service also offers free resources for the student. Students can also try a free trial lesson to determine if the tutor is right for them.

Teachers on Justlearn have access to their calendars and can teach students anytime and anywhere. Teachers can upload any document relevant to their teaching style to ensure that students get the best lessons. The teacher will also be able to establish credibility and focus on teaching their students.


Lingoda is a website where you can hire a private language tutor online. These online instructors are native speakers of the language you wish to learn. Their lessons help you become fluent in the target language quickly and easily. Linda also has a range of other language tutoring services, such as French lessons, Spanish classes, and English lessons.

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Lingoda offers online language tutoring in four languages: English, German, French, and Spanish. They offer both private and group lessons. Each lesson is comprised of real-life examples and topics. Students can also sign up for a 60-minute trial lesson.

Lingoda offers both private and group lessons for students of all levels. Group classes are less expensive and less intensive than private ones. The small group classes, which hold up to five students each, offer the advantage of a smaller environment and the chance to interact with other students. Other online language tutoring websites tend to overfill their classes, which is unsatisfactory for learning.

The website offers language tutoring with native speakers. The service also offers group and individual classes, and many language courses are provided at any time. Lingoda offers various learning plans; some even let students earn back their fees. Whether you’re learning a new language for business or pleasure, Lingoda offers online language tutoring tailored to your learning needs.

Live Lingua

Live Lingua is an online platform that offers language tutoring from certified teachers in various languages. It is ideal for students who prefer an immersion approach to learning a new language. The platform offers French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish courses. Unlike other online language tutoring platforms, Live Lingua tutors have extra training to ensure they can provide you with the best instruction.

The Live Lingua platform makes enrolling for a language tutoring session quickly. To do so, a student must log in to the Live Lingua dashboard, click on the ‘Purchase Lesson’ option, and follow the instructions on the payment page.

Live Lingua also has a blog that offers articles and tutorials in different languages. Its materials are dated and often contain errors, but they contain helpful information for people looking to learn a language. In addition, their online language tutoring program lets you access a vast library of videos, ranging from movie trailers to segments of speeches and news reports. It is an excellent supplement to other language learning programs.

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Live Lingua has certified instructors who are native speakers of the language. They will guide you through the essential grammar rules and vocabulary and help you practice with conversation. Each Live Lingua instructor will tailor a program to meet the specific needs of each student.


QKids is a Chinese language teaching platform that connects North American English teachers with more than a million students worldwide. Teachers guide students through a fun and dynamic curricular experience using a narrative game-based learning platform. The company’s patented online classroom design provides a seamless learning experience for students and their families. The company has offices in Beijing, Xiamen, and Guangzhou and recently completed a series C1 financing round led by Baidu.

The website offers a wide range of content for young children and teenagers. The lessons focus on developing listening and speaking skills while introducing students to the culture and country they are learning in. The studies also integrate reading and writing in the target language. Parents should help choose appropriate content for their children.

QKids has various tutoring options available to suit all budgets and schedules. Some tutors provide one-on-one tutoring, while others are available bi-weekly or monthly. Online tutoring sessions can be scheduled one-on-one or in small groups of two to six children.


Online tutoring is one of the best ways to learn a new language. There are many benefits to taking language lessons online, including the flexibility to complete lessons at your own pace. Duolingo offers over 50 languages and is geared toward children aged three to 14. It teaches through immersion, meaning the student speaks the language in its native context. It also offers videos, worksheets, flashcards, and games to help students learn the language.

Duolingo is an online language tutoring service with an excellent track record for helping people learn a new language. It offers over 50 languages and over 30,000 activities. Many of these activities are interactive and engaging, making them a great way to learn a new language. The company constantly adds new content and features to help users improve their language skills.

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The app is designed well, with quality audio and visual features. The content is engaging, which helps your child develop emotionally and cognitively. It is also attractively designed and has parental controls. Parents can use the app as an extra way to help their kids learn a new language.


Preply is an online platform where you can find language tutors for hire. It is free to sign up and can be done using a Facebook, Google, or email account. All you need to do is provide your name, email, password, and phone number. After that, you can search for tutors and schedule lessons in your time zone.

One of the best features of Preply is that it allows you to search for tutors according to their availability, which is ideal for those with busy schedules. Furthermore, it has its blog and Q&A forum where you can ask your specific question and get answers from the community.

Another great feature of Preply is that it allows tutors to set their rates. The average hourly rate for a Preply tutor is $18. However, some tutors charge as little as $5. The rates for the most skilled professionals can go up to $75. You can also take advantage of discounts if you purchase a larger package.

Preply is a platform that connects online language tutors with students. The website offers classes in more than 100 subjects. It originally started as an online marketplace for SAT and ACT preparation but has since expanded its offerings to include English language classes. However, it is best known for its language tutors. It connects you with highly qualified educators who can teach dozens of languages.


ChineseHour offers language tutoring for children and teenagers interested in learning Chinese. Instructors are native Chinese speakers who tailor lessons to fit student needs. They can teach students various subjects, including business Chinese, tourism, HSK preparation, and spoken Chinese. ChineseHour offers both private and group lessons, and they provide video lessons as well.

ChineseHour offers a free trial lesson, and users can select a tutor based on their qualifications, signature course, and teaching style. ChineseHour also provides a variety of educational materials and textbooks to support the language learning process. Tutors are based worldwide, with prices ranging from $1 to $40 per hour.

Verbling is another famous site that connects users with private online Chinese tutors. It also has tutors who teach Mandarin and Cantonese. Each tutor offers a personalized lesson plan, and the platform works with desktop and mobile devices. The interactive lessons include study materials and language tools such as collaborative text pads. The tutors can work closely with their students, making the learning experience more personalized.

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