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When it comes to free language learning sites, there are many to choose from. The Mango Languages program puts culturally relevant language skills and conversational skills first. It also offers apps you can download from your library to continue learning even when you’re not in a classroom. There are also many great resources from the Foreign Service Institute, including PDF instructional guides in many languages and dialects. The Peace Corps also offers audio files for language learning.

Rosetta Stone

The central concept behind Rosetta Stone is to help you learn a new language by creating word-picture associations. You can choose from several courses, each with a certain number of units. Each unit includes a core lesson and vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation exercises. The lessons are generally similar, emphasizing listening to phrases and matching them with the correct picture.

You can try the free version for three months. After the trial ends, you can purchase a subscription. It will automatically renew 24 hours before its expiration date, but you can cancel it anytime from your App Store user settings. You can also choose a subscription plan for unlimited mobile access.

The subscription version is more comprehensive and offers more resources. You can learn more than 20 languages and even practice with audio and images. The program features voice recognition technology, short stories, and phrasebooks. Live classes and coaching are also available to help you improve your skills.

Rosetta Stone has been helping learners speak new languages for over 25 years. Its mission is to help individuals from all walks of life learn a new language. It is designed to tap into your brain’s natural ability to learn languages and make you feel confident using the language in real life. Its interactive activities, audio lessons, and real-life scenarios will help you become more comfortable in real-life situations.


OptiLingo is an excellent tool for learning a foreign language. Its guided immersion method helps you learn new words and phrases by listening to honest conversations. Your brain learns through interaction and recall, so you must take the time to review previous lessons. OptiLingo also uses different strategies to engage your brain and reinforce your learning. Its unique approach has proven to be more effective than apps for language learning.

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This language learning app can help you build bridges between languages, learn new words and phrases, and understand different accents and peculiarities. It is easy to use and is free of advertisements. It also allows you to study at your own pace. You will earn points based on how many words you understand.

One of the great features of this free language learning tool is its ability to connect you to other language learners. The platform allows you to exchange written texts and audio and video content with other language users. The service also offers various languages, ranging from Bulgarian to Persian.

OptiLingo also offers mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. The website has over 200 language courses. It uses adaptive spaced-repetition learning technology to help you learn a foreign language. You earn reputations, as you know, and you can compete against other users. Another great feature of OptiLingo is its extensive blog that offers language advice for over 20 languages.


Memrise is an online application that helps you learn new vocabulary. Its playful approach to learning language vocabulary will keep you engaged and entertained while improving your memory. Memrise uses spaced repetition to ensure that you remember new words. The program mixes up translations so that you won’t be learning the exact words over. This helps to increase your recall accuracy and speed.

Memrise has a diverse set of courses covering all language learning areas. There are official curated courses for specific languages and community-created courses covering different subjects. This allows users to learn multiple languages at the same time. The course content is organized into themes and builds on previous learning. In addition to curated courses, Memrise also includes user-generated content that will be useful to anyone.

Memrise is free to download and sign-up and supports all major languages. The site also offers paid plans for those who want to keep learning. These can be monthly, quarterly, or yearly and include lifetime access. The latter option is the cheapest and has unlimited access to Memrise’s proprietary language-learning modules.

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Memrise uses a spaced repetition method to improve your language skills. This way, you can review words repeatedly without feeling overwhelmed. It also penalizes you if you make mistakes, which allows you to focus on more complex expressions. It also offers activities that help you practice reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. It also provides vocabulary lists and a language exercise book.


Duolingo is a great free language learning site with easy-to-use digital modules adapted to the individual’s skill level. It also offers a scoreboard and daily goals. You can also communicate with other learners in forums. The platform also provides regular updates and revisions to keep the content fresh. The platform relies on intuitive language learning and aims to keep its lessons fresh and engaging for all ages. Although the website’s lessons lack detailed explanations of grammar, it’s still a highly effective way to learn multiple languages in a short amount of time.

Duolingo is accessible for beginners and offers access to hundreds of languages. You can practice speaking, listening, reading, and downloading iOS, Android, and Windows Phone apps. There’s no need to spend money on Duolingo – the website is free and will remain indefinitely.

Duolingo has a skill tree that guides you through different levels of learning. It uses multiple-choice questions and audio recordings to help you learn a new language. Most questions feature comment threads so you can discuss them with other language learners. You can also chat with other language learners in the community and ask questions to get help from them.

Drops are another excellent option for learning a new language. Drops offer fun games, audios created by voice actors, and illustrations to help you learn. The program also provides daily progress assessments. These are much more effective than the weekly assessments Duolingo offers.


For students who don’t want to invest in a subscription, Busuu offers free basic lessons in 14 languages. Premium users can unlock more features, such as feedback from native speakers and personalized study plans. Additionally, they can download classes to their devices for offline use. The site offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy with the material, cancel your subscription before the renewal date.

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The site is very user-friendly, with valuable graphics and an easy-to-read interface. It also allows you to see how many lessons you’ve completed. The content is engaging, and the site’s native speakers make excellent teachers. They know even the most minor nuances of the language. You can also get a grammar critique, which can be extremely helpful when traveling or doing business in another country.

Busuu encourages users to study a new language for at least 10 minutes daily. It will present various phrases, audio, quizzes, puzzles, and questions. The lessons are short enough that you can finish them in under half an hour, but they still provide plenty of material to learn.

The site has several features that make it stand out among the crowd. It has a Learn section, Stories section, user forum, and Events section. There is also a dictionary and sample sentences, and you can change languages easily. Plus, there’s a subscription option for long-term learning. This service is worth considering because it features challenging lessons and a wide variety of content.


HelloTalk is a free language learning app that connects you with native speakers of various languages. The app is packed with innovative features that make language learning fun. You can chat with individual members or join groups. It also has a text-to-voice feature to improve your pronunciation. It has over 30 million users in 150 countries. It also has an extensive library of grammar, vocabulary, and more.

In addition to matching language learners with language-learning partners, HelloTalk offers voice recognition, grammar correction, and text-to-voice tools. Unlike most language-learning websites, this site doesn’t require homework or other assessment forms. It is a free language-learning tool that helps you learn new languages in a realistic environment. While the app is excellent for beginners, it is not recommended for advanced learners.

One drawback of HelloTalk is the lack of user reviews. While it is possible to meet people through the meetup feature, this feature is limited to those who are comfortable with strangers. Furthermore, many users don’t fill out the form, which means they don’t know much about you. Because of this, you should be cautious when chatting with strangers on HelloTalk.

HelloTalk is a popular language learning app that brings native speakers to language learners. It has more than 30 million members and supports 150 languages. You can chat with people from different countries and share stories and experiences. The app makers view it as a way for people to connect and learn about new cultures.

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