How to Delete Inbox on Marketplace

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If you’ve been wondering how to delete your inbox on the marketplace, you’ve come to the right place. It’s possible to delete messages that no one else can see, but the good news is that you can do it privately too. To delete messages, go to the drop-down menu, and select “Message Requests.”

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Messages you can’t delete.

The Marketplace feature of Facebook does not allow you to delete messages in bulk, but you can delete individual messages if you want. However, this feature is not available in all countries. In addition to this, it is unstable and not always available. However, a hidden option allows you to delete all or selected messages.

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Hold down the message you want to delete and select “Remove” to delete a message. To confirm, select “Remove” again. However, if you are using iOS, you will not see a confirmation prompt. You can also report a message if you believe it was deleted.

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Messages you can only delete for everyone.

You may have noticed that a few of your Facebook messages have been flagged or deleted. To remove the letters, you need to go to the marketplace section of your profile page. The marketplace is an icon on the top of your Facebook account. The marketplace shows messages sent to you by other people.

The delete option is in the lower left corner. You can delete messages only for yourself, or you can delete messages sent to you by all recipients. In both cases, you can delete individual messages or the entire conversation. However, deleting a statement will not delete the news for the person who sent it to you.

When deleting messages on the marketplace, you should ensure all pending payments and reservations have been settled. Otherwise, details may be lost. If you want to delete the messages for everyone, you should confirm the marketplace is closed before deleting them. However, this option is not available to every country.

Before deleting a message, you must know the recipient’s notification settings. Some devices will display the entire message in the notification box, but others will only show the first part of the message until it is acknowledged. If you delete a message for everyone on the marketplace, you can report it by clicking the tombstone icon. It will then appear in the thread that the message was in.

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