Reviving the Village Centre Cinemas at Eastside Marketplace

Reviving the Village Centre Cinemas at Eastside Marketplace Blocking

Introduction to Eastside Marketplace Village Centre Cinemas

Welcome to Eastside Marketplace Village Centre Cinemas! We are a local, independent movie theater dedicated to bringing the latest releases and classic films to our community. Whether you’re looking for an action-packed night of entertainment or a laid-back evening of relaxation, we’ve got you covered. Come out to our new 6 screen cinema and enjoy the show in comfort with spacious seating and state-of-the-art sound systems for each auditorium.

We offer an array of concessions including popcorn, sodas, candies, snacks and more to give you that complete cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home. Our experienced staff will provide helpful guidance so that you can make an informed choice about your movie selection. Our Cinema Club Membership makes it easy for regulars to budget each month – giving members access to discounted tickets and discounts on food & drinks at our snackbars!

At Eastside Marketplace Village Centre Cinemas, we strive to provide both quality service and unique content through our movie offerings. Enhance your viewing experience by taking advantage of our online ticketing system which allows you reserve your seat ahead of time so that all you have to do is purchase your ticket when you arrive. We also offer several exciting special programs such as Free Summer Movies on Sundays throughout the summer months which shows family friendly movies free of charge. We have something fun for everyone – come explore film presented in a truly unique setting with us today!

What Makes This Cinema So Special?

The popularity of any given movie theater is often determined by what it can offer beyond just its movies. For example, does the cinema have plushy recliners, extra legroom, or exceptional audio and visual quality? The answer to these questions can make or break the success of a theatrical destination—case in point: why this particular cinema is so special.

The first thing about this cinema that stands out to patrons is its uniquely designed architecture. Each seat is arranged in a stadium-style configuration with rising tiers and extra legroom, which makes for an optimal viewing experience every time. The sound system also has premium surround sound technology to create nuances in each scene, boosting the viewing experience even more. On top of that, there are 4K digital projectors equipped with HDR technology ensures crisp visuals on even the biggest screens—so no matter what you’re watching, you won’t miss any detail!

But beyond its superior projection capabilities, one reason why this cinema is so special lies in its added perks for guests. Aside from having snack stands and concession options (as many cinemas do), they offer private balcony seating with popcorn machines; double-level theatres with huge wraparound screens; state of the art 3D IMAX movies; beloved retro classics; video gaming stations in lounge areas; plus convenient online ticketing and ordering options right at your fingertips!

All these amenities put together create an atmosphere like none other making THIS Cinema so special—an ultimate combination of comfortability, innovation and good old fashioned cinematic entertainment. It’s evident why loyal customers come back again and again—this place deserves every bit of acclaim it receives!

Benefits of Watching Movies at Eastside Marketplace Village Centre Cinemas

As anyone who’s ever stepped foot in the Eastside Marketplace Village Centre Cinemas knows, watching a movie here is always a great experience. Not only is the theatre itself inviting and comfortable, but it also offers several advantages that you can’t find at any other cinema. Here are just a few of the benefits that patrons enjoy when they visit Eastside Marketplace:

1. First and foremost, the atmosphere can’t be beat! Unlike some movie theatres, there is no feeling of being packed into a small space with hundreds of strangers – just comfortable seating, awesome sound quality and all the popcorn you can eat! Patrons who enjoy watching movies in large groups find that our spacious auditoriums accommodate up to 1000 people comfortably.

2. We offer top-notch customer service from start to finish – from reserving tickets ahead of time for easy pick-up to state-of-the-art concession stands offering classic favourites as well as newer indulgences like artisanal ice cream novelties. And don’t forget about our stellar rewards program; earn points every time you watch and cash them in for even greater discounts on snacks or DVD purchases!

3 Our convenient location within easy access to public transportation gives patrons peace of mind knowing they’ll get home safe after enjoying their night out – no last minute searches for a taxi required! Plus, being close by many downtown attractions makes it easier than ever before to plan an entire evening at one destination without having to drive around town all night.

4 The cinemas keep pace with changing trends by taking advantage of modern technology such as digital projection systems for clearer picture quality and more realistic theatrical experiences. Additionally, since we collect information about what films have been successful in our location before making decisions about future show schedules, audiences will always be able to find popular flicks – both new releases and classics – playing at any given time!

Ultimately, there are so many reasons why

Step-By-Step Guide To Enjoying Your Movie Experience At This Venue


Going to the movies can be a great way to relax, catch up with friends or enjoy some much-needed entertainment. But sometimes, navigating all the steps of the movie experience can be confusing and overwhelming. Here is your step-by-step guide to ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable time at this venue!

Step 1: Choose Your Movie:

To begin, take some time to browse through our extensive list of movies. Do a little research into what’s currently playing and pick one that suits your needs. This is also a great opportunity to look for any special screenings or events taking place – there might even be discounts available so make sure you read all the details carefully.

Step 2: Grab Some Snacks (optional):

Once you’ve chosen your movie, why not grab something from our concession stand? We have plenty of options including popcorn, candy, chips and drinks – perfect for enjoying during your film experience! However, if you’re trying to save money this step is completely optional – just make sure you know whether food and drink are allowed in the theater before entering.

Step 3: Purchase Your Tickets:

Next up is finding out ticket pricing information; luckily we keep all that easy here too! Just click through on our website or visit one of our ticket counters directly and pick out your seat’s locations – it’s as simple of that! Make sure to keep your tickets safe as these will act as proof for access later.

Step 4: Arrive Early For Pre-Show Entertainment:

Arriving early gives you plenty of extra time for activities such as exploring our arcade room or visiting the concession stand again before heading into the theater – but don’t forget about being in line half an hour before showtime! If applicable do not forget to convert your tickets into wristbands or passes when checking-in at least 15 minutes before curtain time

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Movie Going at the Village Centre Cinemas

The Village Centre Cinemas is one of the most popular movie theatres in town and it’s no surprise that many customers have questions. In this blog, we will tackle some of the common queries individuals have when they come to our cinemas.

Q: What safety measures are in place to protect against Covid-19?

A: At the Village Centre Cinemas, we’re committed to keeping patrons safe and healthy during their visit. We are following all state health guidelines for COVID-19, including thorough cleaning protocol, mandatory face coverings for staff and guests at all times and frequent sanitizing of surfaces. Additionally, allocated seating has been put into place on a first come first serve basis to ensure social distancing between visitors and contactless ticket ordering is available on our website or mobile app. By practicing responsible behaviour and maintaining strict health protocols, we believe everyone can enjoy the show safely.

Q: What types of seating options do you offer?

A: Our cinemas feature two different types of seating – reclinable chairs with armrests allowing patrons to lean back during their movie experience as well as standard seats with limited recline capability. Both seating options are comfortable, but we recommend arriving early if you wish to secure a particular type since availability may be limited due to social distancing requirements. When selecting seats online through our website or app, icons indicating seating type are clearly marked on each row selection screen so you know exactly what you’re getting before purchase!

Q: Are there any food and drink restrictions?

A: While moderate consumption from outside food sources is allowed, large bags carrying substantial amounts of food (i.e time-share ice chest) or drinks for non-alcoholic drinkers outside beverages are prohibited per state regulations. If beverages purchased from our concession stand needs resealing (cans/bottles), our employees would be more than happy to provide assistance

Top 5 Facts About Movies and the Eastside Marketplace Village Centre Cinemas

1. First and foremost, the Eastside Marketplace Village Centre Cinemas is one of the premier movie theatres in northern Texas that offers a unique and enjoyable movie-going experience. This cinema has been in operation since 1989 and has since become a staple within its community for providing great entertainment services to local patrons. From its top-notch selection of current releases to the staff’s friendly customer service, this place is definitely worth checking out for your next night at the movies!

2. The Eastside Marketplace also features an array of food options located inside the theatre complex. Whether you’re in need of a light snack before or after watching your film or looking for something slightly more substantial, there are plenty of options available. The menu includes items like classic popcorn, candy and sodas as well as hotdogs, tacos and pizzas which can be enjoyed while taking in a movie.

3. Over the years, the staff and management at Eastside Marketplace have established strong relationships with all major Hollywood studios due to their commitment to excellence in film exhibition resulting in frequent exclusive screenings held all throughout the year right here at this picturesque venue often attended by celebrities from near and far!

4. The cinemas are equipped with state-of-the-art digital projection displays including Dolby Vision HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology which helps create a vivid cinematic experience unlike any other creating an unparalleled realistic viewing environment with crisp images along with optimal brightness levels paired with sensational audio quality – making it easier than ever for customers to enjoy their favorite films!

5. Last but not least, Eastside Marketplace it’s always striving to offer customers great perks such as discounted ticket prices through weekly specials or special events featuring discounted concession stand items like popcorn combos reduced prices on select films every month for certain days – making movie experiences much more accessible for most households allowing people who would usually avoid going to see films due flexibility when attending these screenings!

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