Learn the Mexican Language Without a Teacher

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If you want to learn the Mexican language but don’t want to spend money on a private instructor, you can read books and listen to audiobooks online. Beginners should start with children’s books and young adult fiction. Once you’ve reached a comfortable level, you can move on to nonfiction and how-to books. You can find these in your local library or a foreign language bookstore. If you don’t have access to these, you can also find most Spanish books online.


If you’re looking for a way to learn the Mexican language without a teacher, Meetups are a great option. You can meet people from all over the world and practice your Spanish. However, you’ll need to be patient. Not every Meetup will be available in your city, and speaking in front of 10 or more people can be intimidating.


If you’ve ever wished you could learn the Mexican language but didn’t want to hire a teacher, BaseLang can help. The platform has 20-30 lessons, each lasting around 5 to 50 slides. Each class also has links to online flashcards. The interface is simple, and you can schedule your tasks in advance.

The platform offers lessons appropriate for learners of all levels and interests. Each class covers the basics of Mexican language conversation, grammar, and vocabulary. In the advanced lessons, students learn the final bits of grammar, improve their pronunciation, and become fluent in the language.

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For $149 per month, Baselang offers 70 hours of classes. The cost includes all materials. It also offers ten percent off your first session. The platform encourages active participation and consists of a quiz system to measure your progress. You can also submit your work for an ongoing review and get feedback from other students.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced student, Baselang uses scientifically proven methods to teach Spanish. The program can be accessed from 6 am to midnight U.S. eastern time, which is ideal for busy people. It also offers the flexibility to choose a teacher and schedule classes at times that suit you.

Rosetta Stone app

Rosetta Stone is a solid choice if you’re looking for an app to learn the Mexican language without a teacher. The app is user-friendly and has nearly perfect ratings in the app store. It offers lessons that range from listening exercises to digital flashcard drills. It also has instantaneous feedback to help you improve your pronunciation. The program can be used on mobile and desktop devices, which means you can use it whenever you’re ready to learn a new language.

The Rosetta Stone app helps you learn the Mexican language from anywhere you are, whether you’re traveling or at home. The app has 5 to 10-minute lessons that can be practiced on the go. You can also use Seek and Speak to translate real-world objects. This app even has an offline version that you can listen to when you’re not connected to the Internet.

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Another helpful feature is its ability to customize your learning. You can adjust the speed of the audio and the number of words you need to read. You can also download stories to use offline. And if you have trouble with a particular word, you can tap on the English transcript to learn its translation. With a free 14-day trial, you can test the program without risking anything.

Using the Rosetta Stone app to learn the Mexican language without a teacher is an excellent idea for anyone looking for a fast and easy way to learn a new language. The Rosetta Stone app is very user-friendly and is designed to help you understand the language in the most effective way possible. It uses spaced repetition to improve your memory. It also uses your camera to help you learn the language.

Getting a private teacher

You can take several routes if you’re interested in becoming a private Mexican language teacher. One way is to go to a university or college in Mexico and take a TEFL course. This certificate is essential for teaching English in Mexico and can be easily obtained. Several online options make getting a TEFL certificate easy and convenient.

Getting a private Mexican language teaching job can be a lucrative endeavor. Many schools are willing to train foreigners even if they don’t have any experience. Typically, private Mexican language schools hire year-round and offer benefits such as medical insurance, housing allowance, and free tuition for any dependents.

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The cost of living in Mexico City is relatively high, but you can quickly get by on a teacher’s salary. Renting a decent apartment will cost you about 150 USD per month. The average salary for an ESL teacher is around 500-800 USD per month, so it’s not impossible to make a decent living in the city on a teacher’s salary. Another plus of living in Mexico City is the incredible street food culture. Many dishes can be found for less than two dollars.

If you’re considering becoming a private Mexican language teacher, you can research the various schools in your area. You can check out the local newspapers or search online to see if there are any reviews on the school. Moreover, living in Mexico is a great way to learn the language. If you can’t find a university, you can spend time learning about the local culture and enjoying authentic Mexican cuisine.

If you’re considering teaching English as a foreign language in Mexico, you’ll need to obtain a TEFL certificate before starting your job. The salary ranges between USD 500 and USD 800 per month, depending on your experience and where you live.

Using kids’ shows

Kids’ shows can be a fun way to teach language skills, and there are many good examples to choose from. Cartoons like Go Diego Go are excellent for beginning Spanish lessons, and the characters are a great fit for preschoolers who love animals. Other great options include Oh Noah!, a web-based Spanish-speaking educational cartoon created by PBS. In this show, Noah travels to a neighborhood where no one speaks English, making many mistakes while learning the language. Luckily, his pet mouse keeps him out of trouble!

Kids can also benefit from watching episodes of Curious George, a rambunctious monkey that loves to learn new things. Episodes are short and straightforward, with no unnecessary dialogue. With an adorable face and an enthusiastic, curious personality, this show will help your child learn a new language.

Another option is the kids’ TV network Once Ninas y Ninos, which has a range of shows on Netflix. These shows feature Muppet-style puppets, and the majority of the show is based around fun activities. Streaming this show is easy to introduce a child to the language.

Other shows you can use to introduce your child to the language are animated series such as Pocoyo, which is popular in Latin America. The characters speak fast and use double entendres. It’s a great way to introduce the language to preschool children. If you have an older child, try watching one of these shows.

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