How to Disable Marketplace Notifications in BoE

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If you don’t want to receive notifications from the Marketplace on your bdo device, you can disable them. It’s easy to do, and you can do it from your phone. Read on to learn how.

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Disabling marketplace notifications

To disable Marketplace notifications, you must open the settings page and choose Alerts. The Alerts tab will show you different types of messages. Some of the most useful ones are Horse Market, Worker Exchange, and Marketplace. If you find one that is not helpful, you can turn it off by clicking the disable button. Once the notification is turned off, it will no longer appear in the game.

Once you have clicked Disable, you will need to wait about five minutes for it to clear. In the meantime, you will receive additional in-game messages that will be sent to your mailbox. You can customize the text and sound of the Marketplace notifications. You can turn them off entirely or scale them down to a minimum. Depending on how you like it, you can choose to have the messages displayed on your desktop or stop the alert altogether.

If you are concerned about receiving unwanted notifications, you can also disable them in your chat box. If you have Facebook connected, you can disable the Marketplace’s notification feature by disabling the Allow Notifications on Facebook option. Once this is done, you can turn the Marketplace notifications off altogether.

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