How to Delete Messages in Marketplace

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Delete a message

Delete a message in the Marketplace is a feature that allows users to erase a letter sent by another user. Whether it’s a message sent in a private chat, a reply, or a comment, you can delete it. However, deleting a statement can be more challenging than it sounds. Knowing the recipient’s notification settings and how to proceed before erasing a message is essential. Contact customer service if you are having trouble with your Marketplace account or the Marketplace website.

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Deleting a message sometimes will not remove the listing from the Marketplace. It will still appear on your timeline and in the activity log. In other cases, you will need to reactivate the Marketplace to delete a message. To delete a message in Marketplace, you must close the Marketplace app, settle pending payments, and know the recipient’s notification settings. You can also report a suspected deleted message.

Depending on your device, you will either see the message on the screen or the whole message in the notification box. If you have an iOS device, you will not receive a confirmation prompt, and you will need to choose to Remove again to confirm the deletion. You must hold down the message and select Remove again if you have an Android device.

You will need to slide the message to the left carefully, or you will need help to delete it. You may also be unable to delete a message in Marketplace if you’ve responded to it, shared it, or published it. If you’re having trouble deleting a message in Marketplace, try deleting the whole conversation. You can also flag a message, but this option will not remove news for the sender.

If you’ve decided that you would like to remove a message from Facebook permanently, you can do so by going to the Messenger app. You will need to locate the message you want to delete and then slide the message to the left to reveal a white circle with three dots. It would help if you exited the chat.

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