How to Market Yourself As a Teacher on the Internet

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There are several ways to market yourself as a teacher on the Internet. Some examples include Verbling, Melissa Crowley, Amazon Ignite, and AmazingTalker. Depending on your expertise and teaching style level, you might consider creating a free teacher marketplace account on one of these sites. However, before you do so, you should be aware of some things.


Verbling is a teacher marketplace that focuses on teaching languages. The site helps connect teachers with prospective students and offers lessons in 62 languages. Users can sign up for the site with Facebook or email accounts. They must also fill out a profile. You must be at least 13 years old or 16 in Belgium to join the site.

After signing up, you can add a lesson, view your previous studies, and interact with other teachers. You can also purchase Verbling gift cards. Gift cards are available in various amounts, starting at $25. You can also rate Verbling teachers on how well they communicate with their students. You can also find community posts from other teachers. There are vocabulary exercises and further discussions on many topics.

Teachers on Verbling come from all over the world. They must have verified teaching experience and speak their native language. Each teacher has a different teaching style and provides other learning materials. Verbling allows you to compare different teachers and find the best one. You can also find an affordable teacher to meet your needs.

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Teachers in Verbling offer a 30-minute trial lesson for newcomers. You can book a trial session before committing to an hourly session. Instructors provide a free trial lesson only on certain days and at their discretion. If you purchase classes, you can pay the total price upfront or select a lower rate for more extended reading.

Verbling’s customer reviews are mixed. While some people prefer the platform’s convenience, others find it challenging to work with real people. However, teachers have been happy with the commission percentage and flexibility. They can apply directly on the Verbling website. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, USA, and its parent company is based in London.

Verbling’s teachers are independent contractors. They set their rates and set prices. For example, a Spanish teacher can charge $50 per hour, while a German teacher might charge $60 an hour. However, Verbling sets the price for trial lessons.


A teacher marketplace is a great place to find a quality tutor. AmazingTalker is a platform that connects students with experienced teachers. It works like a social network connecting students and instructors passionate about teaching English and other languages. It also helps students improve their confidence and language ability. Using this site, you can find a tutor in your area, read their reviews, schedule a lesson with the tutor, and even prepare your speech.

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AmazingTalker uses algorithms to match students and tutors. Its goal is to create an interactive learning environment and support the independence of teachers and students. The platform also helps tutors set their fees, which makes the process easier for both parties. It also collects data about user behavior, so it can make the platform more beneficial to students.

AmazingTalker has high standards for tutors. It requires that a tutor be certified to teach a language. It also has a rigorous approval process, which involves a sample lesson. AmazingTalker also offers online teaching via Zoom. Tutors can choose from a variety of subjects. AmazingTalker has a free trial lesson for potential tutors. It also provides training and mentorship for its teachers.

AmazingTalker is a legitimate online teacher marketplace. It was founded in 2016 with more than 7,000 instructors offering tuition for 104 languages and subjects. AmazingTalker also provides ESL courses. The site is a reliable one, but it does have its downsides. The website has many available materials for its courses, but it is still not a perfect teacher marketplace.

AmazingTalker offers online language tutoring through a marketplace. It is a platform for students and instructors, with over one million users and 100 employees across ten countries. The platform features various English courses, allowing students to learn the language in a personalized manner. Furthermore, AmazingTalker offers a money-back guarantee.

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Amazon Ignite

Amazon’s Ignite teacher marketplace is a new storefront and publishing platform for educational resources. Although the service is invitation-only, creators can expect 70 percent royalties on all sales of their resources. Amazon also takes a 30-cent transaction fee for items under $2.99. Sellers can upload their resources for review, and they should appear on Amazon’s storefront in two business days. This is one of Amazon’s most significant advantages of selling digital educational products.

Amazon Ignite is a good option for those teachers who want to make money while teaching. The marketplace allows teachers to sell a variety of digital resources, such as lesson plans and printables. It also pays contributors a royalty fee ranging from $0.99 to $200. Although Amazon sets the prices, teachers can see a small sample of the materials before buying them.

Teachers can also create their educational content on the platform. These teachers can upload educational content directly to the website, which Amazon will verify for copyrights. The website will also ship the products to schools, mirroring the larger Amazon online commerce model. Thousands of educational resources are already available and can be viewed by grade or price. Teachers are encouraged to upload their content to create unique teaching resources for their students.

Teachers can sell their resources on Amazon Ignite without a teacher’s license. Teachers can sell lesson plans and worksheets for different grade levels, themes, and topics. Potential buyers can also see reviews of the materials before purchasing them. For sellers to sell resources on the site, they must sign up for a free account. Then they can enter their product details.

Using the Amazon Ignite teacher marketplace allows teachers to save resources on Amazon. They can also upload their wish lists and wait for discounts. The site is free for teachers and contributors and charges only for products they sell. Amazon Ignite also allows teachers to add resources to their wish lists.

The Ignite marketplace is currently only available for sellers in the US, and it is not expected to launch in Brazil or elsewhere in the world. Teachers can earn more money by selling their teaching resources on Amazon. However, teachers should ensure that they’re registered in Amazon’s marketplace before they can start trading.

Melissa Crowley

A member of the Teacher Marketplace, Melissa Crowley is an on-demand tutor who works with students and families across the country. The site has been featured on TV News 12 Connecticut and is a popular place for families to find qualified teachers. Melissa teaches Spanish, math, social studies, physical education, and health.

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