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You’re not alone if you’re looking for free English tutoring online! There are several sites dedicated to this purpose. Among them are Varsity Tutors, TakeLessons, and Italki. These sites allow you to connect with a native English speaker and receive tutoring.


TakeLessons is an online tutoring site that connects students with experienced teachers. This website has an extensive database of courses, and the company says it has matched over 2 million students to tutors and lessons. Teachers can choose which mode of instruction they would like to teach and charge higher rates for 30-minute classes.

TakeLessons has a unique approach to the tutoring business, enabling independent teachers to monetize their knowledge. It matches teachers with students who want to improve their English language skills. The teachers are usually not experts in the subject area and have a few years of experience. They can set their prices and class duration and can choose how many hours per class they want to teach. The company takes a 40% commission from any payments, and customers have complained about slow customer service.

TakeLessons has more than 6,000 tutors, though it doesn’t vet every teacher. However, you can choose from these teachers by checking out their profiles. The profiles of the teachers include their qualifications, ratings, and testimonials from previous students. You can also read TakeLessons reviews to find the perfect teacher.

Varsity Tutors

When you need an English tutor, there are several options to consider. While the cost of private tutoring can be expensive, online companies such as Varsity Tutors can offer lower fees. One of the benefits of online tutoring is the flexibility of choosing a time and place that suits you. Unlike traditional tutoring services, Varsity Tutors allows customers to choose their tutor.

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Varsity Tutors work through live online learning platforms powered by technology and artificial intelligence to provide a highly personalized experience. Whether you need help with English, math, or science, you can find an online tutor with the right skill level to meet your specific needs. The company also offers a Better Score Guarantee, ensuring that students progress on tests. In addition, there is a 24/7 online learning environment, which gives you access to past lessons and other material.

Varsity Tutors has a dedicated team to match students with tutors who can meet the specific needs of their students. The team will also consult with students to identify tutoring goals and requirements and select the best tutor to help them succeed. This means that students don’t have to pick a tutor themselves.


Verbling is an online English tutoring service that allows you to hire an online tutor to help you with your language skills. The website will enable you to search for a verified English tutor, book a session that fits your schedule, and receive additional tools such as a vocabulary deck and worksheets. The service also features a discussion board and offers a free 30-minute trial lesson.

Several websites are offering online English tutoring. Some are free, and others are paid. Some sites offer free trial lessons, while others charge for a complete package. The cost varies depending on the level of English tutoring and the number of hours. Some websites even offer discounts when you purchase multiple sessions. You should always compare prices and find out which one is the best fit for your needs. Also, remember that the lowest-priced English tutors are likely new and have little experience teaching.

You can also find tutors on sites like Superprof. These sites are designed to connect you with a native English speaker. This can be helpful for those who need English tutoring in an urgent situation.

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If you want to learn a new language but aren’t sure where to start, Italki is an excellent option. The site has over 15,000 tutors and emphasizes personalized, convenient language learning. It allows students of all skill levels to learn English, whether a beginner or a seasoned pros. The site lets users practice speaking and listening in their chosen language, so you don’t need to be a native speaker to make the most of your time.

You can choose from community or professional tutors to match your learning needs. A community tutor is a native speaker of the language, while an experienced tutor is a qualified teacher. You can also search for a specific topic or speech, such as business English, language for studying abroad, or even yoga. The site allows you to see all the available tutors and their rates to find the right tutor for your needs.

To start tutoring, you’ll need to set up an account with the site. You’ll want to be sure to upload documents that prove your experience as a teacher. You’ll also want a good understanding of English so you can answer questions and provide practice exercises.


Preply is an online tutoring service that allows users to sign up for free with an email address. Upon signing up, users must fill out a profile with their name, email, password, and phone number. This process is straightforward and takes less than a minute. Once registered, users can browse through tutor profiles or browse for a particular topic.

Preply is a popular option for online English tutoring and features teachers with experience teaching over 100 subjects. These subjects include test prep, hobbies, art, and academic issues. The platform also offers tutors who speak dozens of languages. Each tutor will list their classes, credentials, availability, and more. Once a student decides on a teacher, the two will work together to determine the type of course material they will be studying.

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Students can choose to have one or more tutors. Some tutors are native speakers, while others are not. It is a good idea to choose a native speaker if you’re a beginner or intermediate learner. Once you’ve chosen a tutor, you can share videos, photos, and files with them. If you find a tutor you like, you can purchase more lessons with them. You can also transfer your paid credits to another tutor if you wish. Besides tutors, Preply also features activities beyond tasks, such as vocabulary learning activities.


You need to know where to look to find a free English tutor. Luckily, a few different websites can help you find one. One of them is Superprof. This website allows you to find tutors based on their qualifications, language skills, and ratings. Some even offer a free trial lesson to get you started.

Another website that offers free online English tutoring is AmazingTalker. This site hosts over 2000 tutors online and has a unique matching system. After you input some basic information, you’ll get personal messages from tutors. They also have a language learning blog, where you can get ideas on how to learn a language.


If you’re looking for free English tutors online, you’ve come to the right place. Upwork lets you choose which type of tutoring class you want to teach. Although most teachers require certification, you don’t necessarily need a degree to teach English. Many tutors are currently enrolled in an undergraduate program and are looking for an extra income. It also gives you a chance to build your teaching experience.


TutorMe is an online site that allows students to search for English tutors and pay for their services. The site accepts 4% of applicants and prefers to hire professional teachers from Ivy League colleges. Lessons are conducted via a classroom portal with a text editor, whiteboard, and audio/video chat. The site also has programs for reading comprehension and test preparation.

TutorMe allows you to find tutors from prestigious colleges, including Harvard and Yale. There is a 4% acceptance rate for tutors; you can connect with a tutor online in under 30 seconds. The platform also allows you to schedule lessons in advance, and classes are archived. You can also sign up for a free trial to see if TutorMe is right for you.

TutorMe allows students to upload files to the site through the matching system. These files will be available for both the student and the tutor to view. Students who have trouble submitting a piece can upload it using the site’s Writing Lab. TutorMe also offers feedback on the writing.

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