Five Sites That Provide Free Online Tutoring

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Several options are available if you want a free online tutoring service. Online tutoring has several benefits, including a smaller time commitment, no commute, and access to better instructors. Most online tutoring sites also offer connected workspaces with tools like digital whiteboards and collaborative text editing.


Students can connect with a live tutor using the TutorMe app. The service will find a match in less than thirty seconds, and a live session will be initiated. The students and tutors can use chat, audio, and video to communicate and share a screen. Students can also upload writing samples and receive feedback from a live tutor.

TutorMe understands that students can become overwhelmed with schoolwork and academic pressures. Sometimes, this can lead to cheating. The platform aims to provide a safe space for students and tutors to learn together. Users of the site are not allowed to engage in academic dishonesty, such as asking for help with quizzes, tests, or assignment answers. They must complete preparatory work before requesting service.

TutorMe supports mobile devices with native IOS and Android apps. The free app also allows students to connect with a tutor from anywhere in the world in less than 30 seconds. The session can be recorded and is available for future reference. TutorMe also adheres to NSCC policies to ensure quality.

Students can access the TutorMe platform for free through Canvas. However, they cannot access TutorMe outside Canvas. To access the site, students must visit the course navigation menu on the left side and click on the link titled “TutorMe.” Students are advised to use Google Chrome when accessing the site, as pop-ups may pop up.

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Learn to Be

Learn to Be is a nonprofit organization that provides online tutoring to low-income students. Its goal is to give all children a better chance at getting a good education. Tutors apply via an online form and must pass a background check and certification process. Learn to Be tutors can help students in grades K through 12 with homework and other subjects that are hard for them to understand. The nonprofit also offers free tutoring sessions in underserved areas and low-performing schools. The program runs on donations from the community.

While private tutoring costs can be expensive, many free tutoring programs are available to help underprivileged kids with homework. Tutors can be friends, family members, or other well-educated individuals who volunteer their time out of the kindness of their hearts. It’s also possible to advertise free tutoring opportunities by posting on a bulletin board at the local grocery store, the local weekly newspaper, or even a neighborhood listserv.

Before meeting with a tutor, students should prepare themselves. They should identify the topics they need help with and write down their questions. If the tutor is meeting with students via online platforms, ensure that the technology works before the meeting.


Italki is a site that enables language learners to select their preferred tutor from a pool of native speakers and professional teachers. The website features a calendar of upcoming sessions and shows each tutor’s profile and video introduction. The user can also filter tutors by cost and availability.

The website provides a platform for teachers and students to connect and exchange ideas. The site is free to use and allows anyone to register as a community or professional tutor. To become an experienced tutor, teachers must provide proof of relevant academic qualifications, which will be verified. Once verified, they can set their prices for private classes or group webinars. They can also offer free trial classes before charging.

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Tutors are usually available for multiple lessons. Students can request slots by entering their username and password. The platform can be used on Skype, WeChat, Google Hangouts, or any other video platform. Students can also enter a coupon or promo code to get a discount. Payment can be made using a credit or debit card, PayPal, Skrill eWallet, or bank transfer.

To become an Italki teacher, you must be fluent in the second language or at least at the C2 level. The website also requires you to upload documents proving your experience as a teacher. As a teacher, you must communicate fluently in your second language during your introduction video. Italki’s mission is to make language learning as easy as possible.

Varsity Tutors

The company is dedicated to providing students access to high-quality tutors in various subjects. Students can find tutors specializing in math, science, and writing. The site also features tutors in elementary and foreign language studies. The website also offers online learning labs and live virtual office hours. Students can request tutors for their needs, and the company can match them within 24 hours.

One of the most significant issues with Varsity Tutors is their high price structure. Teachers are paid a low $15 per hour, but the rate for tutors is higher than many online teaching companies outside of China. Furthermore, the tuition at Varsity Tutors varies significantly from subject to subject. Some tutors focus on ESL, while others are experts in different academic fields. There are also differences in the quality of tutors, and some students learn better with a face-to-face teacher.

While the company’s main objective is to provide quality education for students, it also offers free online courses to bridge the gap between teachers and students. This service is available to children and adults and has tutored in subjects from kindergarten to college. Additionally, students can sign up for free courses, including SAT and ACT prep courses. These online courses help students level the playing field in standardized tests.

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Tutors at Varsity Tutors are highly-qualified individuals with extensive content knowledge. To get hired, students must provide a video interview with a company representative. This can be done from a computer, tablet, or mobile device. Applicants should complete the interview within three days of submitting their application. If they’re not selected, they can request to be placed on hold or removed from consideration.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a free online tutoring program for students. The videos and interactive tools are designed to teach a variety of subjects. There are math, science, engineering, computing, arts, humanities, and more resources. In addition, there are resources for test prep and English language arts. The Khan Academy website allows you to log in from anywhere and find tutors in your area who specialize in your subject. The Khan Academy is an excellent resource for students and teachers who want to improve their academic skills.

The videos are shot on a virtual background and include audio and visual input. Some of the videos are produced by the British Museum and UNESCO. After watching the videos, you’ll take quizzes that measure how much you’ve learned. You’ll earn badges and points as you progress in the program.

Whether you need help in math, science, or art, Khan Academy is an excellent resource. It provides free online lessons for K-12 and early college students. Parents can also use the resources provided by Khan Academy, including webinars for parents and teachers. Parents can also find information about the U.S. government and learn about government programs for kids, which is an excellent resource for parents and teachers.


If you are interested in getting live tutoring for free, Preply is an excellent option for you. The website allows you to set up a free trial lesson to see if it is right for you. Once you do, you can book additional lessons for up to 20 hours at a time. The company also offers regular webinars and self-study courses. Tutors can also receive a free pack of materials. For example, an English language tutor can download a curriculum that contains lesson plans, audio and video files, homework, tests, and answer keys.

Another feature that makes Preply stand out is its flexibility. You can pay in various currencies and never worry about converting money. You can also import your own words and phrases to practice them at any time. Preply’s vocabulary feature uses spaced repetition, which has improved learning speed. The company’s teachers are highly experienced in teaching language beginners. Many have a second or third language, so they can offer a personalized approach to learning a language. Preply also has self-study courses and exercises to supplement your lessons.

Once you have decided on a tutor, you can book virtual lessons with them via the Preply website. The tutor will mark the virtual lesson as complete and share a class summary. You can then pay the tutor directly through Preply, and your payments will be automatically transferred to their internal account. Tutors can choose how much they want to charge for the lessons. They also have the freedom to set their rates and implement strategies to attract students.

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