Best Places to Find a Spanish Tutor

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The internet is an excellent tool for finding tutors. You can search for a local tutor or communicate with an online tutor. There are many websites to choose from, including Preply, Italki, Verbalplanet, and Verbling. These websites match you with the best tutor for your needs and budget.


If you’re not a native Spanish speaker, Preply makes finding a Spanish tutor easy. The site allows you to choose from a list of Spanish teachers based on price, specialization, country of origin, and availability. You can also search by subject matter, including general Spanish or Latin American Spanish.

Preply is an international platform that connects students and tutors. It also allows remote students to have access to lessons. This means a tutor in a small town could reach a large audience. They could even teach online and connect with potential students across the world.

Finding a tutor is like choosing a personal trainer for your child: you should trust their skills and knowledge, but you should also be compatible with their personality. You want to be able to talk with them quickly and feel comfortable making mistakes. You also want to feel engaged and alert during your lessons. Before contacting a tutor, you can review their profile and send a few messages to see if they have a good fit for you.

When choosing a tutor, make sure to set SMART goals for yourself. This will motivate you and help you find the right tutor for you. Once you have a plan in mind, you can narrow your search by looking at their Specialties. This will give you a better idea of how much an hour of Spanish tutoring will cost.


Italki is an online service that allows you to find a Spanish tutor at the click of a button. The service features an extensive range of native Spanish speakers at affordable rates. It is the perfect way to learn the language from the comfort of your own home, as you can connect with a local native speaker—currently, iTalki features over 1700 Spanish speakers worldwide, including 1300 from Spain and Latin America. The site is easy to use, and the search feature makes finding a tutor simple. The platform also includes introductory videos, which help learn about a tutor.

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Another great feature of Italki is the ability to search by language. Hundreds of Spanish tutors are looking for students to teach them. You can also work with a community tutor or an accredited teacher. Once you’ve chosen your teacher, you can start paying for your lessons on the site. Then, you can hold private lessons with your tutor, either in an actual classroom or using Skype or other video chatting software.

Italki lets you search for the best Spanish tutor by location, price, and experience. The site lists more than 1,500 Spanish teachers worldwide. Some of these tutors offer free introductory videos. They can also be filtered by price per hour.


Verbalplanet is a platform where you can choose a Spanish tutor online. It offers over 2,000 native-speaking teachers across different subjects and languages. Each teacher has a profile on the platform, with information about their location, number of sessions, and student feedback. It offers a variety of benefits for both students and instructors, such as the chance to chat with other students and ask questions.

You can also sign up for a private language lesson via Skype. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from experienced private language teachers who specialize in your particular area. The average rate for a one-on-one lesson is USD 22. Teachers must be well-qualified and have a solid background in their teaching subject. They can charge a higher rate if they specialize in a particular topic, such as business English or test preparation. You can also pay via PayPal.

Online Spanish lessons with 121Spanish allow the tutor to spend more time with you and tailor the class to your needs. The platform also provides a reservation system so that you can control your schedule. 121Spanish tutors work with students of all ages, and many of them specialize in children’s Spanish. They are also able to teach students in specific accents and dialects.

The website features a search bar where you can choose a Spanish tutor. The interface is easy to navigate, and tutors’ reviews and prices can be seen. Some even offer a free trial lesson!

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Verbling is an online platform that helps people find a Spanish tutor. The website contains an extensive database of teachers and classes. Users can search by location, skill, gender, and price. Students can choose from a list of pre-designed courses or can customize their lessons to meet their individual needs. The classes are conducted using a collaborative TextPad and begin at $5 per session.

Verbling has a simple interface that makes it easy to browse. Teachers are marked, and pricing is displayed. The website also allows people to collaborate online with each other. The site has a “Workspace” where users can discuss their lessons. You can also read feedback left by previous students and watch a short video introducing the teacher. Most customers purchase a single class with a teacher.

Students who want to improve their language skills can use the website’s advanced search features to find the right tutor. Students can also narrow their search by price, level, and goal. The site makes it easy to find a Spanish tutor in your area and within your budget.

Using current events as an example of what you want to learn in Spanish can be an excellent way to make the lessons more engaging. You can include time-related terms and practice modal verbs by bringing relevant topics to your daily life. In addition, current events can also serve as great practice opportunities for the students.

Homeschool Spanish Academy

If you’re looking for Spanish tutors for your child, you’ve come to the right place. The HSA is an accredited institution that gives students college credit and recognizable certificates when they complete a Spanish course. Many Spanish tutors there don’t have teaching degrees, so they’ll focus on the formal structure of Spanish rather than conversational speaking skills. That’s fine because some students prefer to learn the language this way.

The Homeschool Spanish Academy has a vast network of Spanish instructors. You can try a class with a different instructor if you’d like. And if one instructor isn’t available, the program will substitute for them. The student’s transcripts are retained for ten years, and you’ll get a discount if you sign up for two or more students in the same level.

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When you sign up for a Spanish course at the Homeschool Spanish Academy, you’ll get a free trial lesson. After this, you can choose to pay for one-hour lessons, thirty or sixty-minute sessions, and even take advantage of payment plans. You can also sign up for high school credit courses. The classes are designed for students of different ages, and the curriculum is tailored to their needs.

The curriculum is designed to keep your child engaged. It features over 20 topical flashcards, four play-based lesson plans, and eight worksheets. The 30-minute video lessons cover more than 20 topics and introduce 300 words.


If you’re looking for a private Spanish tutor, Thumbtack is the place to go. It features an extensive database of potential Spanish tutors, and it’s easy to search by skill level, location, and price per lesson. The site offers Spanish-specific tutors and Spanish teachers, and its search functionality allows users to narrow down their choices. Plus, Thumbtack has a mobile app for even easier searching.

The platform is easy to use and matches you with an experienced Spanish tutor. There’s a registration form and a platform that allows you to book lessons in advance. You can also take quizzes and print extra materials. Plus, you’ll be able to ask questions about the teacher’s knowledge of the Spanish language and how they can help you improve your Spanish.

Thumbtack offers a 20% discount on direct matches between Spanish tutors and customers. Its system allows you to browse profiles, set preferences, and accept or decline customer requests. Using Thumbtack to search for a Spanish tutor can help you find a top-rated tutor in your area. You can also ask for references and read reviews from past customers.

Thumbtack is also a good source of leads, but it’s important to note that you need to call back leads before accepting a gig. If you can, Thumbtack is a great option because it’s free to join, and the fees are low. Plus, the site is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, which means it’s legit.

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