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You can back up your deleted text messages on your iPhone by going to Settings > Messages. Then, tap on “Messages” and scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you’ll see an option for “Delete Message.” Tap that button, then confirm when prompted. Once you’ve done this, all your deleted texts will be saved in iCloud Drive to be easily accessible if something happens to your phone or its operating system (iOS).

backup deleted text messages on iPhone

To back up deleted text messages iPhone, you need to have an iCloud account. If not, you can create a new iCloud account by logging in to your device and tapping “iCloud” at the bottom of its home screen.

Once logged in, tap “Settings,” followed by “iCloud.” You’ll see a list of services currently enabled on your device; select “Message Backup” from this list before proceeding with the steps below.

Once under Message Backup settings, scroll down towards the bottom until reaching the Back Up & Restore section; here’s where all vital information about your iDevice should be stored—so make sure nothing is missed!

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Delete text messages

You can delete text messages from your iPhone by going to Settings > Messages, then tapping on the “Delete” button. If you’re having trouble with this method, try deleting messages in another way:

‘How is your iPhone?’

‘No problems here. How about yours? You are getting another one, right?’

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‘Yeah. I want to get him a phone for his birthday too.’

‘That’s great. Well, I’ll go ahead and put in the order on Apple now.’

‘. . . ‘

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