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If you’re sending a text message to someone, make sure it’s clear why you’re sending it. The subject line is an ideal place to do this. For example: “Hello! I’m trying to figure out how to get my computer working again.” This tells your friend exactly what they need help with and gives them a reason for opening up the message.

If there’s no good way for users (or anyone else) to know what response they should expect from receiving one of these messages, we should stop sending them altogether.

If you want to keep the message private.

If you don’t want to delete the message later, there are three ways to do it.

You can also mark it as junk or spam.

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You can also mark it as junk or spam. If you don’t want to see this message again, click on the “junk” button that says “junk.”

If you want to keep reading messages from this sender but don’t want them in your inbox, click on the “spam” button that says “spam.”


You’ve probably heard the term “text message” before. It’s a short message that can be sent from any phone and read on any device, including computers and tablets. Text messages are usually just one word or a few words long, but they can also contain pictures or video attachments.

When you send a text message to someone else, it goes straight from your phone to theirs without going through any other intermediary steps like voicemail or email (unless you’re using an app that allows those features). Your recipient will see the number of characters they received and know when they have been read if the entire message is displayed in their inbox after being sent back out again! If there was something important hidden inside an otherwise normal-looking block of text—like a link or password—then getting rid of this information could save both parties time later down the road as well since all deleted texts stay deleted forever until manually recovered later by someone else who knows where things went wrong first…

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Takeaway: Takeaway:

In a friendly tone or when you are upset is not a great time to send emails to people. Remember that this is the same person who you spent so much time getting to know and building a relationship with on Facebook. So if something happens and you are mad at them – it will likely come back and bite you in the ass every once in a while just as hard as it did them. If you want people to worry about your well-being, then think about how they will feel when they receive your emails.

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