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Your phone uses an internal IMEI number to determine the type and make of your phone. A person or company can obtain this number using a device that intercepts your cell tower transmissions. Information about devices using the “IMSI Catcher” software can be found here (

Takeaway: You should think twice before deleting text messages. I hope you didn’t intend to throw away evidence in the case of an investigation into a crime.

In a much less friendly tone – A trick!

Section: How To Recover Deleted Text Messages On Android Without Using A Phone Recorder

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Section: This guide requires root access and ADB on Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X (or command line tools on iOS)***On Android, go to Settings > About Device> Build Number six times until it says you are now a developer in settings. In Settings, go to Security > USB Debugging and enable it (this will allow us to install apps from outside Android’s app market). There are two ways to install a ROM from another ROM: 1) via an update-binary package, which probably won’t work as we need root access; 2) manual flash method – download link below has instructions**On computer where you have ADB installed, make sure that Device is connected via USB cable and open command prompt by right-clicking cmd icon –> Run as administrator**In command prompt window type ADB shell.

Your deleted text messages are still recoverable.

You might think your deleted text messages are gone forever, but they’re not. Text messages are stored on the phone’s hard drive and can be recovered using tools like OST Recovery or PhoneRescue.

OST Recovery is a program that can recover data from a damaged mobile device, including deleted emails, contacts, and photos. It works with iOS and Android devices to restore lost files without physical access to the phone’s hardware (in other words, no hacking is required!).

Text message recovery is relatively easy.

Text message recovery is relatively easy. If you accidentally delete your text messages, you can recover them through your carrier or a third-party company specializing in recovering data from mobile devices.

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If someone has access to your phone and knows its password, they can quickly obtain all the information stored on it by using any online tools.

The good news is that most people who want their deleted text messages recovered do not need court orders or legal assistance; they need to know how to do it themselves! For example, if someone could get into your email account without permission—by hacking into Facebook—they may have also been able to access other personal information, such as text messages and other files within those accounts (such as photos). This means that if someone sees these items in plain sight somewhere else on the internet or knows where they can be found, then there’s no reason why anyone shouldn’t figure out how such information should be accessed too!

Companies and individuals can obtain your messages if they have a court order or if you have left your phone number out in plain sight.

If you have left your phone number out in plain sight, companies and individuals can obtain your messages. This is legal if they have received a court order to do so. Companies and individuals may also use a phone number to find out what people say about them on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Some people choose to delete text message data, but there are ways to recover it even if it’s been deleted.

If you have deleted text messages, you must be aware of the potential consequences. While many people think they can erase data from their phone when they mean to delete it and then re-download it later, this is not always possible. If you accidentally delete a text message and don’t realize it until later, there are ways that you can recover the content of those texts without having any idea what they said in the first place!

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For example: if someone sends me an email containing sensitive information (like credit card numbers or social security numbers), but I accidentally delete the attachment before reading it—and then immediately send them another copy of the same passion after recovering their original lost file—they may still be able to identify who sent him that message by cross-referencing this new copy against previous communications between us over periods where he received similar attachments from other senders who also needed help accessing their files as well.”

A cell phone, tablet, or smartwatch can be traced by its unique IMEI numbers, amazing MAC addresses on the hard drive, and individual serial numbers on the motherboard.

A cell phone, tablet, or smartwatch can be traced by its unique IMEI numbers, amazing MAC addresses on the hard drive, and individual serial numbers on the motherboard.

IMEI numbers are 15-character codes uniquely identifying your mobile Device to service providers. They’re also used in some countries to track stolen phones as well. In addition to being able to trace where a device was last used (which will help you find lost or stolen items), these numbers can be used by law enforcement agencies when investigating crimes such as murder or rape because they’re tied directly back to an individual’s identity: if someone steals your phone with their IMEI number in it but doesn’t take the SIM card out of it (as opposed to cutting off all contact between yourself and your phone), there should still be enough information left behind for investigators — like home address or work address — which could lead them directly toward identifying suspects through other means such as surveillance footage from nearby businesses where cameras may have captured activity related specifically towards targeting specific individuals who were involved with whatever crime occurred.”

It is possible to recover data from an Android phone by following this guide.

If you have an Android phone, your text messages are still recoverable. It’s easy to perform this task with the help of a free app called Android Data Recovery.

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To get started, download and install the app onto your Device:

Apple devices are more challenging to track down.

Apple devices are more challenging to track down. If you have an iPhone, iPad, or Macbook, there are two unique identifiers on your Device:

The second article was from an anonymous source over at Gadget Hackz (which is a site that takes a very critical look at the news and myths around technology, as well as conspiracy theories)

Here is the link to the article:

The takeaway from this article: Tech support and mobile phone shops are getting into the data recovery business, trying to get paid for recovering data on your computer or phone that you have deleted.

You run into these people at most stores in some country or another because they know they can make quick cash out of people who are desperate to find a solution or pay them some money. So if you see any shoddy-looking characters called ‘phone repair guys’ washing their hands asking if you have tried “anything” (they are usually lying) and trying to sell you one GB disks they say hold ten GB of memory, please do not pay them anything because it’s just another scam.

Why would anyone look for data when there are so many other critical issues in life? We all send so many texts, and emails that it’s hard to remember them, and then deleting everything isn’t an option anymore. When we delete any text message or email, it goes through our trash folder. It doesn’t disappear permanently but stays there on our computers until we manually remove it from our inboxes or file folders on different software programs like Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. It’s important to note that once deleted by us, these messages will not be recovered again by anyone else unless there is a court order or something else like social engineering where someone tracks down your number or gets access to your email account illegally…. You can use

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