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Hi Lisa, thanks for reaching out. We don’t have a specific period we can give you for the search to return results simply because it depends on which carrier the phone is running on and the device used to access Google’s servers. (If I’m correct, your husband’s machine probably used an Android KitKat release.) However, if his phone is set up to sync with Google, you should be able to retrieve any messages he has stored in your Gmail account should he lose or permanently delete his phone before he contacts you.

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I’m sorry that this isn’t a more straightforward answer—we’re always working hard at improving these processes! We don’t have any additional information regarding the specific incident that led him to make this request. (Sorry again!) Just so you know, though, I understand that this isn’t an easy topic and that many emotions are involved with it all! Good luck in your quest to find those texts!

Yes. (but not in the way you might think.)

No. (But not in the way you might think.)

Text messages are stored on your phone and Google’s servers. This means that if you delete a text message from your device, it will be deleted permanently from both locations—but not necessarily forever. Depending on how often and when someone deletes their texts (or who they send them to), they may still have access to some of their old messages later on down the line.

No. (“You” are, “them” are not.)

The answer to this question is no, of course. As the owner of your phone, you can delete all texts sent or received on it. But other people also have access to those same messages (and who can see them).

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These include:

Even if deleted on your device, they can still be retrieved from Google’s servers.

You can also retrieve deleted text messages from a third-party app or service. For example, if you have an old phone that Google no longer supports and want to recover your deleted texts, plenty of apps available in the App Store and Play Store will help you do that.

If all else fails, wait until after your next bill cycle has passed before making any serious moves to recover any lost data since then might be considered fraud by some carriers (and therefore not reimbursed).

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Yes. “Andriod” refers to the operating system that runs on smartphones made by Google and some other companies, such as Samsung and HTC.

This is a good question. The operating system is called “Andriod.” It’s a mobile operating system run on smartphones made by Google and other companies, such as Samsung and HTC.

Android isn’t used on iPhones or Windows phones, but it can still be recovered if you can access these devices’ data storage (such as iCloud).

Are you still trying to figure it out? Check out this post about how to locate a text message.

If you need help finding a text message, check out this post on locating a text message.

Double-checking the link before starting your search is always a good idea. Also, after you’ve completed your search and found what you were looking for, ensure everything is working as intended by checking again in a few days or weeks (depending on how long the messages were sent). If there are issues with any link or something seems off about what was displayed in your browser window—ask in the comments section below!

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How To Recover Texts On Android Phones (Noob)

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