Apple watch wont delete text messages

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This is the part where I want to say, “I’m not a lawyer, and the links you’ll get from me are not legal advice.”

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If there’s any issue with those sites, please get in touch with a lawyer because that will come in handy. But based on my experience, all those links have been helpful. And if you have a problem with your Apple Watch that needs an attorney’s help, this post is for you.

The first thing someone using an Apple product will encounter when they have a problem is the iHelp Center. It’s like Yahoo Answers or different forums (Whatsapp groups if you’re on Android). It’s one of those things that would be great and helpful, but usually, it only lives up to our expectations when we finally use it. Here’s what happens: You get an error message which looks something like this (click for a bigger version): Your solution is almost always in these forums. This means that people read other people’s problems instead of taking the time to search for their solutions. You’ll need to browse several pages of people complaining about their iPhone 6s or iPad Air before finding your answer. The important thing here is threefold:

  1. Many people need help understanding what kind of problem they’re having.
  2. They need to prepare for the steps required to solve their problem.
  3. They blame their iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch without knowing what set off the initial troubleshooting step, which started them down this path.

If all else fails, reference this guide by @Twofish_brix: About 5 minutes later, they’ll ask you how much wood a woodchuck chucks if a woodchuck could chuck wood. Two questions: Do I know enough about

Apple help center

If you have a question about your Apple Watch, we’re here to help.

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Takeaway: Apple help center

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