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new feature- text message transfer

The new feature- text message transfer, allows you to transfer your text messages from one device to another. It’s a great way of ensuring you don’t lose vital information when switching between devices.

Existing text from the old phone to the new one

You can transfer text messages between two phones.

New phone messages are gone when an update is installed.

Suppose you’ve just updated your iPhone or iPad and found that new messages are gone; fear not. This can happen to any smartphone user who updates their operating system.

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This is because all existing text messages are lost when you install an update on your device. To keep those messages from being deleted, ensure they are backed up somewhere safe (like iCloud).

Text messages would appear on new phones only if messages were downloaded to the new device.

Your text messages are only deleted on the old phone if they were downloaded to it. Text messages are not transferred to new phones and are copied from one phone to another.

After the first burst of enthusiastic emails, Apple got to work on fixing the issue. Starting with iOS 5 in November 2011, outbound texts from an iCloud account could be transferred over cellular via iMessage.

With this feature, users have reported receiving or sending texts from other iMessage users without paying for messaging plans on the recipient’s carrier. That is to say, if the sender is using a non-carrier program with data services provided by Sprint (such as Simple Choice), they will receive text messages that are still in their original form but were not downloaded to their phone and instead appear as Unsent (or “locked”) messages on their iPhone. An official Best Buy representative stated that he was having issues downloading non-Sprint messages to his iPhone after updating to iOS 7. However, this problem only applies when using Google Hangouts or Facebook Messenger apps; both apps download all texts sent and received, so there is no need for a server-backed solution such as iCloud Messaging.

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