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This is how it would appear on its own.

In the chat message, I’d ask my friend to put their cell phone number into the message as an attachment and send it over. If you’ve read this post, you should know that I use Gmail for everything. Once they have done that, I’d send a short one-liner like this:

Section: The pickup line. This comes in handy if your friend isn’t interested in what you’re saying and wants to get rid of the conversation as fast as possible. Otherwise, you have yet to determine if they are interested or not.

Takeaway: It’s best only to be talking to someone you’re 100% sure will go out with you at some point (not just friends). Please don’t waste time with people who think they will never meet again because that rarely happens! I used it once so far, and I received an answer from him later, which was nice enough for me to consider it a success…or not. XD.

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Once that’s done, all we need is for them to click on the attachment on their computer screen, then open Gmail (on their android), add in their cell phone number (link below) and hit “send.” The text message would be sent over via Gmail’s email service straight to the person’s mobile device without them ever knowing they were part of this experiment! How cool is that?

Make sure you are logged into your Google account before doing any of these steps; otherwise, it won’t work correctly! Even better yet, if both of you have Gmail accounts linked together in real life, nothing stops us from continuing our conversation online. XD! And remember your loved one.

A technique that is supposed to delete text messages from an Android permanently.

The app is called Text Eraser, which can permanently delete text messages from an Android device. It’s not a new app, but it has been around for a while and has been gaining popularity.

Text Eraser does not require root access to your phone or tablet, nor does it need an internet connection for the app’s features to work correctly. However, you want more features than just deleting text messages from your phone (like deleting pictures). In that case, there are better options than this because many other apps on Google Play provide such services at slightly higher prices than Text Eraser charges its users ($4).

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Your cell phone number is attached to the G-mail account you last used.

Your cell phone number is attached to the G-mail account you last used. If you delete your phone but keep using the same Gmail account, your old messages will still be saved in their original form and available for anyone else using that same Google app.

If this sounds scary or confusing, don’t worry! It all makes sense when you think about it: If someone has access to your phone number and knows how it works (or can guess), they could easily see what other people have said on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. But if no one knows about these apps yet—and maybe never will—then there’s no reason anyone should be able to find out anything about them through simple searches online as long as they don’t know where precisely those accounts were created first place.”

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