Some Tips for Dealing with Your Ex’s Friends

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Friends of your ex can be a thorn in your side. They might feel like you are trying to win them over again, which can lead to jealousy. This is one reason exes dislike their friends hanging out with them during the breakup period. Their friends may be giving them false hope that they will soon reconcile and that you cause it. Therefore, instead of taking sides and getting involved, you should limit your contact with your friends as much as possible before the end of the breakup period. To help you gauge when is a good time to contact his friends and avoid back-stabbing attempts, try these tips:

Text your ex or call them up and ask for their help

Dial *9 to block a number

Make a POI file, so you don’t have to consider the contact name.

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When you delete a contact, the messages between that person and you will be removed from your device. However, Google has made it so that they will only remove the contacts once they’re gone. If there are any texts left in their account (which is only possible if they haven’t deleted them), then those conversations can still be accessed by others with access to the same phone number or email address.

This means that even after deleting someone off of your phone, their information might still be on some other deviceโ€”and thanks to POI files (which stand for “phone number” and “email address”), this doesn’t have to mean manually tracking down every single conversation between two people when one decides he wants out of an old relationship. POI files allow users to access all sorts of other helpful information about specific contacts as well: from how many times each person has called or texted another since the last logging into their account; to whether or not they have had any unusual activity in recent months; even what sort of things he sends her via text message!

Use the contact sheet on the phone to delete it from your list.

To delete a contact, tap their name in the contact sheet and the trash can icon. If you don’t see this icon, tap Edit next to the title.

Delete your contacts and texts directly from your phone

To delete contacts and texts from your phone:

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Section: Text them and ask for their support. Offer to pay for a meal or buy them a gift, if necessary. The phone will be in your pocket. You don’t have to say anything other than, “I need your help, please.” You can pull out your phone and show it to them. If they agree, text your ex, thank her profusely for all her efforts on your behalf and tell her that you’re going straight to the police station now. Another option is to give the police the number of the person who knows this friend of yours and tell them that you know her well enough that she could get this guy arrested if she wants to so they can deal with him instead of waiting for social services (social services will send him into care)

Takeaway: Texting an ex-IRL and saying something like “I need help” is ineffective as it looks desperate. He’ll likely do it because he doesn’t want you to ask other people, especially his friends, to get involved.

What are some excellent ways of getting what we want?

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The first step is always to ensure you’re clear about what you want. Write down precisely what you want and why then stick a post-it note on top of your computer screen, reminding yourself every time you open up Facebook or LinkedIn or whatever social network site, etc…

Writing stuff down makes something sticky so that you remember it.

Alternatively, write things down on paper where they can be easily ripped off (for example, in an A4 notebook next to the computer), then rip them out whenever needed not to forget them (or any future posts). Or use sticky notes wherever relevant -post-its are even better because they are easier to remove without leaving a mark though there is nothing wrong with using pen & paper if that’s what works best for

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