If so, follow these steps:

In Android devices, go to Settings > Security and check “Show password/ pattern” or “Encrypt phone” to protect the contents of your phone.

In iOS devices, you should not locate the item in Privacy>Settings > Messages & FaceTime > Messages Delete & delete it.

Takeaway: secure access to your phone

Use an app.

Several apps can help you recover deleted text messages.

Email the person who sent you the text message.

If you lost the text message and want to recover it, tell the person who sent it that you are trying to recover their text message.

Explain that if they can help ensure a successful recovery, they will be happy to pay for the cost of recovering their messages. If not, explain that this is just one more opportunity for them to help find out what happened with their phone number, so if they don’t want anyone else involved in helping with this process, then there’s no need for anyone else coming into contact with any personal information such as names or addresses etcetera.

Phone number: ___________________________

Phone number: ___________________________

You can also search for their phone number by typing in the person’s name or email address. For example, if you want to find out what happened with a text sent from John Doe’s phone number and not his actual name, type in “John Doe” without quotes into your phone app and see what pops up.

Recover deleted text messages.

Contact the person who sent you the news if you want to recover deleted text messages. You can do this by dialing *98, followed by their phone number, and pressing send. This will bring up their contact information, including the name of their carrier (e.g., AT&T) and how long ago they sent it (e.g., “2 days ago”).

If your phone provider doesn’t offer an automated way for users to recover deleted text messages through a customer service representative or email address, try calling them directly—but remember that many carriers charge fees for retrieving data after it’s been deleted from their devices!

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