Section: Deleting messages from an iPhone.

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Look at the iPhone 6 Plus. Why does it have a “Delete Conversation” button on the Messages app? You can delete individual messages on your phone that you’ve sent from inside that app. It’s not “sexy,” but it’s one of those things that most people don’t know!

Takeaway: Be aware of this little hidden feature in iOS and Android.

Section: Deleting SMS messages from an iPod Touch or iPhone.

The iPod touch and iPhone have an app called iMessage that allows you to send text messages over the internet and get them into your phone as usual text messages (a process known as push messaging). Of course, there are limitations to this service โ€” they are only included with new phones, and they cost money per message โ€” but if you’re sending bulk texts, you may want to use iMessage instead of SMS. The key is that iMessage will automatically delete old texts after a certain period (24 hours) has expired. Here’s how to see how many days old your text messages are on an iPod Touch or iPhone:

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Takeaway: On iOS / Appstore apps, there will sometimes be a message option for deleting older SMS/iMessage conversations. This is useful when either party in a conversation deletes one another without saying goodbye first (which happens with some people more often than others).

Android phones delete text messages.

Deleting text messages from a phone is a weird feature.

Have you deleted text messages? It’s not a feature you’ll find on most smartphones, but it’s one of the most useful. If you’ve ever deleted a text message from your phone and wished you could get it back, this guide is for you.

Phone manufacturers have made deleting texts an easy process since Android devices launched in 2008. The primary way they do this is through their operating system (OS), which allows users to delete any file or application by simply pressing an icon on their home screen and selecting “delete.” There are also dedicated apps available for Android phones that allow users to permanently delete specific types of content from their device without going through any menus or settings menus firstโ€”open up either app when needed!

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Many people don’t know how to delete text messages on their Android phones.

If you’re having trouble deleting text messages on your Android phone, don’t worry. It’s easy to delete text messages on an Android phone. Here’s how:

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