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In case you are not interested in learning how to send a text message, here are some helpful tips on how to delete a text message:

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Takeaway: You can use the “Delete” option on your phone to delete pending text messages.

How to send a text message?

Only some people are tech-savvy or put a lot of thought into their actions, but it’s still possible to delete texts in their messages.

You can delete a pending text message by tapping the message, then swiping left or right. If you’d like to delete it immediately and not wait for your phone to vibrate (if you don’t have an iPhone), tap the “Delete” button in the top-right corner of your screen.

Suppose you want to delete multiple pending texts at once; tap and hold on one of them before releasing your finger when they all start flashing red (this will open up more options). To remove all messages from this list, select “Remove All” from their respective menus below these buttons.

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Learn how to send the message first before deleting a pending text message

Before deleting a pending text message, you can send it to the recipient. This will not delete the message and allow them to reply with their text messages. If you want to delete a pending text message, follow these steps permanently:

Hello to all the other students who are a few days older than me and attending my school.

I’m a 13-year-old girl currently studying in 9th Grade, but I’m a ten-year-old girl.

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I hate those tech-savvy kids who always pretend that they know how to use their phones and stuff. They always make fun of how we write our texts on our phones. The whole class turns its back on them, even if they accidentally wrote something wrong.

When someone inappropriately uses technology, often it’s hard for us to tell what’s appropriate and what isn’t. We might assume that there is nothing wrong with them when we see them using their phones during school or even at home; however, it feels terrible when we see them making fun of the way we use technology or writing weird stuff on our phone screens with words like “lol” or “pwnd.” Many people tend to forget that technology has been around for a long time, and many people have made mistakes before us; therefore, just because these kids make mistakes doesn’t mean they’re not allowed to be innovative or creative while using technology.

Recently I’ve started noticing some changes in myself along with this new generation called Millennials (or Generation Y), aka “The Me Me Me Generation.” I used to be very calm, but lately, I’ve started noticing that I’ve become more impatient about things again. For example, when my friend messaged me asking me to do something for her, as soon as she told me, I replied by saying “okay” or “yeah, okay,” which means she may wait another hour or two before she answered because she got distracted by something else and forgot about it entirely until now -_- How annoying.

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