I have an Android phone, and I love it. Customizing my home screen, putting stickers on my keyboard, and taking pictures of my cat are all great features. However, one thing that can make you crazy: is when your text messages start disappearing! If you’re having this problem, don’t worry. There are several ways to keep your texts safe when they get deleted accidentally or on purpose.

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Never delete messages.

Only delete messages if you want to lose them permanently.

If you have a Google backup, your messages will be backed up. If not, however, you may need to keep those important text messages on your phone until you can make another backup of them.

If you are getting a new phone and want to transfer your data between two devices using the cloud backup (and if they use the same operating system), this will also share any SMS history stored in your account.

Keep SMS Backup & Restore up to date.

If you have an iPhone, the first thing to do is update your phone to the latest version. If you’ve had a new device for a while, it’s possible that there was an earlier version of iOS installed on it, and this caused the app to malfunction.

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Ensure that your settings are correctly set, so text messages are backed up and restored when needed. Ensure everything works perfectly if you use iCloud with Apple products or Google Drive with Android devices.

Use the cloud.

One of the best ways to ensure your data is safe is to use a cloud storage service. This way, your texts can be backed up online, and you’ll never have to worry about losing them again.

Google Drive is one great example of an easy-to-use cloud storage option that allows you to save photos, documents, and more from any device. You can also use iCloud or Dropbox if those suites better suit your needs!

The bottom line: don’t wait until it’s too late before backing up critical data like text messages—make a habit out of doing so every few days, so the permanent loss doesn’t happen in the future!

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Android sometimes backs up your data – you must take steps yourself to ensure it does.

Android sometimes backs up your data – you must take steps yourself to ensure it does.

In conclusion, keep your Android phone updated as much as possible, and use Google Drive to back up your SMS messages. Finally, if all else fails and there is no way of retrieving your deleted text messages from a backup, we recommend taking advantage of professional data recovery services.

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