all text messages deleted after ios 1033 update

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I just updated my iPhone to the latest operating system, and now I’ve lost all text messages. How do I get them back? And why did this happen?

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I lost all my text messages after I did the update. How do I get them back, and why did this happen

The text messages on your phone are stored in a database and not backed up to iCloud. All data will be deleted if you’ve restored your iPhone to factory settings, including the text messages.

You can avoid losing contacts by restoring your iPhone in a way that doesn’t erase them:

I don’t want to restore my phone to factory settings because that would mean losing all of my contacts.

You will lose all your contacts if you want to restore your phone to factory settings. You can recover your text messages from iTunes or iCloud. You can back up your contacts before updating to ios 1033 and restore them after the update is complete.

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Text messages were deleted after an operating system update.

Text messages may have been deleted if you recently updated your operating system.

If you’re using an iOS 10.3 device, text messages can be recovered if backed up to iCloud before you update your operating system. If not, they can be restored from iTunes if they were synced with a computer beforehand. The process is similar on Android devices: if you use Google Drive or Gmail as your default mail program, then it’s possible to recover deleted text messages through these apps as well; otherwise, they will need to be transferred over from another source (such as an old phone).

This is the most frustrating thing that can happen to anyone, especially if they need to be tech-savvy. This article has helped you solve your problem and get back all your text messages!

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