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You accidentally deleted a text message, and now it’s gone forever. Don’t panic! The good news is that you can get it back. The bad news is that it will take a lot of work. But honestly? That’s a small price to pay for not having to deal with the consequences of your mistake again. This article will tell you what to do if you’ve got another phone with the same number (like an old handset or an Android backup). If not, we’ll see if other options are available for permanently recovering that lost data from your phone’s memory (and safely).

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Stop using your phone right away.

When you delete a text message, it will continue to be stored on your phone until it is overwritten by another letter. This means that if you use the phone for only a few hours or days, there’s still a chance of recovering an accidentally deleted text message. We recommend you stop using your phone immediately to avoid losing it forever and prevent further damage. If possible, don’t use any apps or send out any texts until all recovery options have been exhausted—don’t even open your email until then!

Once you’ve stopped using the device in question, check whether iCloud automatically backs up all of its data daily (it does). If so, wait for this backup to complete before restoring from iCloud; otherwise, try using one of our other methods below:

Try restoring it via iCloud.

If you still have an old backup on iCloud, you can restore the text messages from it.

If you don’t have a backup, or your message isn’t in one of them, try restoring it via iCloud. Here’s how:

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Try restoring it via iTunes.

If you still need to back up your phone, there’s still hope. If you use iCloud or Google Drive to back up your iPhone and have a backup of the text message in question, then you can restore that text message via iTunes. You’ll need to download and install iTunes on your computer if it still needs to be installed. Next, plug in your device and computer with a Lightning cable and open iTunes on your Mac or PC (you’ll find this app in your Applications folder). Once available, click on “Devices” in the left panel of iTunes. Find your iPhone under its name (it should say “iPhone” next to it) and select Restore Backup:

Now that we’ve covered how to restore accidentally deleted texts from an iCloud or Google Drive backup—what about other ways? Can those be restored too?

Try a third-party app.

If you’ve tried everything and still can’t find the text, there’s one more thing to try. There are third-party applications that can recover your missing messages. These apps will take longer than the methods above, but they have a better chance of recovering your lost data (especially if it’s been a while since you deleted the message).

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Here are three options:

Back up your phone before you delete things!

I assume you’re already familiar with the concept of “backups.” If not, read this and this.

There are many ways to backup your phone:

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We hope this article has helped you with your accidental deletion problem and that you are now back in possession of your deleted text message. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below!

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