So you accidentally deleted your text message. Don’t worry; there’s something that can be done!

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Go to settings

To get the text message back, you need to do the following:

Scroll down and tap on general.

Go to reset.

Tap erase all content and settings.

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If not, tap Cancel to cancel this process and return to the previous screen.

Enter the password for your device if prompted.

If you have a password set on your iPhone and you’re prompted to enter it, tap “OK.” If you still need to, skip this step.

If you’re asked if you want to erase all content and settings, tap “Erase All Content and Settings.”

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Select erase iPhone to confirm everything you have on your phone.

It’s time to erase your device. If you continue, you will lose everything on it, so this is your last chance to back up any data you want to keep. If you don’t want to delete your phone completely, there are data recovery tools that can get the text message back for you.

You will lose everything.

You’ll lose everything. Everything. Every photo, every contact, every message — gone. All your apps and settings will be wiped from the phone as well.

If you accidentally deleted text messages on your iPhone 4S and want to get them back after a factory reset, there’s still hope for you! Some of these messages may be recoverable even after a factory reset has been performed by the user or Apple support staff (if they’ve been instructed to do so).

This article has been helpful; you can now restore your text message on your iPhone.

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