When considering learning a language, there are several important factors to consider. First of all, you should find a personal motivation for the experience. This will keep you motivated over the long term and encourage you to put in the extra time. Learning a language can be challenging, but having a reason for doing it is very helpful.


The busuu app is an excellent tool to improve your language skills. Its interface is easy to navigate, contains valuable graphics, and shows how much you’ve learned in several lessons. In addition, the classes are taught by native speakers, which is very helpful because native speakers understand small details and nuances of the language. Another great feature is the feedback system. Busuu allows you to get feedback on your written or spoken responses. This is a handy feature for those who travel or are in business.

Premium users can create Study Plans that help them meet their language learning goals. These plans help users set a specific study frequency, goal date, and other factors. Moreover, they receive personalized updates on their progress and reminders to study. In addition, Busuu offers several tools to help you learn the language faster.

Premium Plus subscribers can earn language certificates. Although they can be helpful as proof of the level they’ve reached, they aren’t necessary for advanced language learning. Premium members can also take a test to verify their language level. These certificates are available on different levels, from A1 to B2, on the CEFR scale. However, these certificates aren’t recognized by official bodies. They’re just an extra feature of the app.

Busuu’s pricing is very competitive. Subscriptions are available for a month or three months. They’re also refundable so that you can cancel anytime. Moreover, you can get unlimited access to the language learning content until your subscription ends.


Pimsleur is an audio language-learning course that walks users through real-life conversations. This method is excellent for people who aren’t comfortable speaking in public and want to learn the language quickly. The lessons use repeated dialogue that’s easy to follow, and the speakers are native speakers with different accents. Additionally, Pimsleur’s audio lessons include flashcards that help visual learners.

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One downside to Pimsleur is that its lessons are primarily audio, and you won’t be able to write down anything you learn. Because the studies emphasize listening, speaking, and syllables, they’re not suited to people looking to memorize grammar rules and textbook material.

Pimsleur has courses for 14 languages. The site will have something for you whether you want to learn French, German, Spanish, or English. The site offers five premium levels that have 30 lessons, each of which is 30 minutes long. This means you’ll need about 75 hours to complete the entire course. You can also use bonus packs to improve your learning experience.

Pimsleur is an excellent tool for learning a foreign language, but it’s not cheap. The 5-CD version of Pimsleur French is currently going for $1,190 on the Simon and Schuster website, and MP3 versions are also quite expensive. However, there are many ways to get the product for a lower price. There’s a subscription option and a free trial available as well.

As a result of its simplicity, Pimsleur is a very effective language learning tool. It’s beneficial for those who are always on the move, need basic language skills, or want to brush up on their knowledge.


For those looking to learn a new language, Lingoda is a good choice. Its subscription costs more than Babbel, but you get one-to-one training from an army of highly-educated instructors. Lingoda instructors are paid $8-$13 per hour. While employees at Starbucks are trained for two days, Lingoda tutors have received more than four years of training. In addition, Lingoda’s staff spends extra time creating lesson materials for their students.

The Lingoda price range varies depending on how many classes you want to take each month. You can subscribe to one-to-one courses for an extra $9.5 per class or choose group lessons. Linda also offers a seven-day free trial. It provides a no-hassle refund policy if you’re not satisfied.

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Lingoda offers private and group classes, allowing you to choose the most effective approach to your language learning. Private lessons are generally more expensive, so it is best to choose a smaller class size and sign up for a class that fits your needs.

Lingoda’s lessons follow the CEFR framework for learning a language. They include certificates that correspond to each level and are recognized by businesses worldwide. You can choose the class you wish to study in and take an exam to check your progress. This service is available in English, German, and French.

Lingoda allows you to choose a teacher you feel comfortable working with. This is a significant advantage over unassigned classes, where you could end up with a teacher you don’t like. The teachers at Lingoda also share their screens during the course and provide detailed feedback on your learning material. Lingoda also encourages you to give feedback after each lesson.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is a program designed to help you learn a new language by listening to native speakers. Its videos feature interactive subtitles and a contextual dictionary. It also offers multimedia flashcards and personalized quizzes. It works on desktop, mobile, and web. Users can easily sync their progress across devices using the same email. The interface is intuitive and straightforward, offering several options, including a custom learning plan and audio companion. Live tutoring is also available. The program is available for free for a trial period. However, if you want to continue using it, you must buy a subscription.

There are a few positives to Rosetta Stone’s learning system, including the wide variety of languages available. Many users love the logical approach of the program’s lessons. Others like the ability to redo exercises to see where they’re making mistakes. As for the price, it is reasonable and offers a lot of value. The free trial is not a fluency test but teaches the basics of a foreign language.

If you’re serious about learning a new language, Rosetta Stone is one of the best options. It provides a wealth of language lessons, focusing on vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. It also helps you learn sentences in the language. Subscriptions cost $475 and come with lifetime access.

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While Rosetta Stone is a great way to learn a new language, it won’t help you master it in a short time. Its method is slow, and it won’t get you fluent overnight, but it will provide you with a solid foundation in the basics. In addition, the lessons are easy to follow, and you can access them on any device.


If you are considering learning a new language, HelloTalk is a great choice. The app allows you to practice speaking and listening to native speakers. It also lets you send photos, emojis, and doodles. You can even use the app to make free phone calls if you want. You can choose one language to learn or subscribe to several languages.

HelloTalk allows you to talk with native speakers of the language of your choice and even correct your messages in real-time. The app has a built-in translation tool and lets you make video and text calls. You can also use the app to learn a new language with your friends.

HelloTalk supports over 150 languages. To use the app, you first need to sign up. You can then choose which languages you are comfortable speaking and teaching. Once you have an account, you can search for language partners by age, location, and gender. Once you have made your profile, you can message other users who speak the same language as you.

Another great feature of HelloTalk is the ability to edit other users’ sentences. This feature is similar to Google Drive’s “Suggest Edits” feature. If you don’t want to copy and paste, you can edit another user’s sentences, which will appear in their Moments and messages. Your changes appear in-line, and new words and phrases are highlighted in green.

Another downside to the app is the lack of vetting. While the app allows users to hide their profile information, other users can also see their age, gender, location, and email addresses. As a result, it’s essential to be careful when meeting people through the app. In addition, you can also block people you find annoying.

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